Joint and soft tissue Injection Pilot



Welcome to the the joint and soft tissue injection pilot site. This site provides details of the proposed pilot

Why are we running a pilot?

  1. Over 2400 joint and soft tissue procedures were performed by local GPs in the Southern Area last year. In most cases if there is no GP in the practice these procedures are referred to secondary care

  2. In most Q&P roadshow areas GPs asked if it would be possible to share this expertise across other practices not providing the service

  3. Joint and soft-tissue procedures are performed both within ICATs and rheumatology. Within rheumatology there is a funding gap for over 350 procedures. Many of these could be better managed within ICATs or primary care

  4. The pilot service will be provided in neighbouring practices -  the referral process can be downloaded here

  5. Currently patients may wait several months for a procedure - the aim of the pilot is to provide access for procedures in a more timely and accessible way

  6. The funding for the pilot is not from GMS monies - no practices currently providing minor surgery will be disadvantaged by having their GMS budget curtailed

  7. The pilot is consistent with the “shift-left” agenda in Transforming Your Care