Referral to virtual clinic


Headache requiring further opinion or investigation


  1. Temporal arteritis

  2. Headache with definite papilloedema

  3. Headache with new neurological deficit

  4. limb weakness

  5. cranial nerve palsy

  6. personality change

  7. Features suggestive of ICP

  8. progressive headache

  9. posture related headache

  10. vomiting

  11. drowsiness

  12. New onset headache with known H/O cancer

Refer to virtual clinic:

Enclose MRI safety check list

Consider emergency:
 Thunderclap headache
 Suspected meningitis
 Headache following significant head injury
 Malignant hypertension

For CT scan ensure recent U&E ( within 3 mth)

Headache without sinister features but patient cannot be reassured regarding underlying pathology

MRI checklist